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  • Our MUMA Health Pack has been designed to bring in the new you for anyone wanting to turn over a new leaf in their current health & well being. That will have a different meaning from person to person & regardless of whether you are only just starting out at ground zero or have been on the wellness path for some time now, this collection of delicious goodies is value packed & will ultimately help you on your journey to a happier, hydrated & more energetic you!

  • 14 Day Brazilian Body Tea Standard Cleanse:

    Our delicious Brazilian Body Tea is a fruity Detox & Cleanse blend consisting of a Day & Night formula made from a specially selected blend of antioxidant enriched Acai-Berry extracts & herbal leaves.

    Brazilian Body Tea has been formulated using only the finest ingredients to:

    • Reduce water retention & bloating
    • Improve digestive health & function
    • Assist the bodies' natural cleanse & detoxification processes
    • Gently remove & cleanse the build up of potentially harmful toxins from within the digestive system

    Active Aid Tea

    Our Active Aid Tea blend is a delicious herbal blend rich in extracts & herbs. It has been fine tuned & blended to assist in stimulating natural pre-workout energy & rejuvenation of the bodies’ joints, tissues & muscles for the physically active in mind.

    Active Aid Tea is designed to promote wellness, stimulate natural energy, reduce stress & accelerate recovery for those that like to live an active lifestyle. The infusion of flavours & benefits you will experience will have both body & mind thanking you!

    Raw Core Love

    Our Raw Core Love is a fibre enriched, all natural, gluten free & neutral flavoured, seed & grain condiment. It can be added to any sweet or savoury dish to boost essential dietary fibre & Omega 3 ALA!

    Raw Core Love adds a refreshing & delicious textural component to any meal & has been formulated using only premium, all natural ingredients to:

    • Boost energy levels
    • Reduce LDL (Bad) cholesterol levels
    • Exfoliate & cleanse the digestive system by assisting in the breakdown & removal of unwanted metabolic waste & toxins
    • Provide a premium source of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & proteins in a way that’s most effectively absorbed by your body.
    • Recommended for ages 18+ 

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