Cocoswirl | Lemon
14 Day Course

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  • Coconut Oil Pulling with Cocoswirl offers a 100% natural, preservative free Dental Detox & Teeth Whitening System free from any toxic bleaches & harmful chemicals to leave you with a healthier & brighter smile after each use.

    Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil involves swirling the formulated oil around inside the mouth for a period between 5-20 minutes. During this time, the swirling action draws out toxins & bacteria from within the mouth & the Lauric Acid that is naturally occurring in the Coconut Oil gently whitens the teeth. After you’ve finished swirling, you simply spit out the solution to leave your mouth feeling squeaky clean.

    The practise of Coconut Oil Pulling was popularized in the early 1990’s yet the traditional origins can be traced back to ancient oral health & well being teachings taught under Ayurvedic Medicine.

    Cocoswirl truly is Oil Pulling made easy in that we offer a 14 or 28 day supply of disposable, single-use Coconut Oil Pulling sachets in 3 deliciously subtle flavours; Peppermint, Lemon, Cinnamon & for those that can't decide, we offer a mixed box option!

    Practised daily, Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil using Cocoswirl will become the new addiction- fresher breath, whiter teeth & a healthier mouth naturally!

    • Reduces Bad Breath
    • Improves Oral Health
    • Whitens Teeth Naturally
    • Removes Harmful Plaque & Bacteria

    Suitable For:

    • Gluten Free
    • Cruelty Free
    • Paleo Friendly
    • Vegetarian | Vegan Friendly
    • Safe for Pregnant/Breastfeeding Women
  • How do I use Cocoswirl?

    Cocoswirl should be used once daily, for best results use one sachet a night before your brush & floss routine. When starting your course, initially aim to swirl the oil around in your mouth for 5 minutes. As you become more comfortable with oil pulling, work your way up to 20 minutes.

    Depending on the temperature, the oil consistency can vary. In hotter climates the oil will remain liquid & in cooler climates, the cold oil will be firm. Your mouth temperature will quickly convert the hardened oil to liquid within seconds allowing you to swirl away.

    Alternatively – hold the hardened sachet in the middle of your hands & gently rub together to heat & liquefy the oil before use.


    STEP 1:
    Cut Sachet along dotted line & squeeze contents into mouth
    STEP 2:
    Swirl around for 5-20 minutes
    STEP 3:
    Spit out & Smile
  • Coconut Oil, Natural Flavouring (Essential Oils)

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