Brazilian Body Tea

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Our original Brazilian Body Tea consists of a Day & Night formula made from a specially selected blend of antioxidant enriched acai-berry extracts & herbal leaves.

Brazilian Body Tea is formulated to assist your bodies' natural cleanse & detoxification processes. The combination of ingredients work together to improve your digestive health & function, leaving you feeling energised & invigorated. 

One tea bag, consumed morning & night combined with exercise & a healthy diet will have you looking & feeling your best. 

Available in a 7, 14 or 28 Day Cleanse.


✔ Reduces Bloating

✔ Assists in Healthy Weight Loss

✔ Cleanses & Detoxifies

✔ Supports Digestive Health

✔ Antioxidant Boosting

✔ Promotes Overall Wellbeing

✔ Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle




Yerba Mate Leaves | Day Tea  

- Rich in antioxidants 

- Enhances ability to focus

- Enhances physical endurance 

- Aids digestion & helps control weight 


Green Tea Leaves | Day Tea

- Assists in increasing metabolism

- Helps regulate blood glucose levels  

- Increases fat burning & improves physical performance


Dried Lemon Pieces | Day & Night Tea

- Rich source of Vitamin C

- Increases gentle movement in the bowels

- Helps alkalize by restoring body pH balance


Brazilian Acai-Berry Extract | Day & Night Tea

- Promotes skin health

- Improves cellular health & mental function

- Assists in reducing irritation & inflammation within the body

- High in Anthocyanins which lower cholesterol levels in the blood 


Motherwort Leaves | Night Tea 

- Healing of the anxious mind & heart

- Common remedy used for insomnia & sleep disorders


Cascara Bark | Night Tea

- Stimulates & assists the large intestine function 

- Promotes overall health of the digestive system 


Suitable For:

✔ Detox & Cleanse

✔ Body Fat Loss

✔ Paleo Friendly

✔ Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly

✔ Gluten Free



Day Tea - Steep 1x Tea Bag in hot (not boiling) water for 4-5 minutes, consume before breakfast

Night Tea - Steep 1x Tea Bag in hot (not boiling) water for 4-5 minutes, consume 30 minutes before bed


Advisory Statement: 

Before consumption, consult with a health practitioner to ensure this dietary supplement is suitable for you. Discontinue use in the event of diarrhea, abdominal pains, watery stools, headaches or any other abnormalities. Persons under 18 years old should seek parental/guardian permission before use. Day tea contains caffeine

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, please consult with a medical practitioner to ensure this product is suitable for you.






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