What does FLASK350 do? How does it work?

To learn how it works take a look at the About section on the Flask350 product page of this website where you can read all about how our Flask350 has been designed & engineered especially for lovers of tea & coffee the world over.

How do I clean my FLASK350?

We recommend washing the bamboo lid & flask body in warm (not hot) water & then allow to drip dry on the bench. Refrain from leaving the bamboo lid submerged for long periods as it can cause the bamboo to expand from its seals due to its natural state.

How do you ship the FLASK350 without it breaking?

Each Flask350 before it is shipped is packaged with multiple layers to protect it from the shipping process.

The flask itself is initially bubble wrapped and placed inside a tightly fitted 2mm thick cylindrical canister that has been custom made to fit the flask perfectly. The canister is made of compressed cardboard with each end containing 3mm thick pads for further shock absorption. The canister is then double wrapped & we do mean double wrapped with a heavy-duty gauge bubble wrap. Finally a single layer of E-flute cardboard sheeting is wrapped & sealed around the circumference & the final product is boxed up where it is ready to be sent worldwide with confidence right to your door.

Where can I purchase a FLASK350?

They can be purchased online or alternatively, refer to our stockists page to find a local retailer.

Need more info?

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions & we will respond within 48 hours.