What does Cocoswirl do? How does it work?

To learn how it works take a look at the About section on the Cocoswirl product page of this website where you can read all about how Cocoswirl aids in whitening teeth naturally & improving oral health.

How do I take Cocoswirl?

Cocoswirl should be used once daily, for best results use one sachet a night before your brush & floss routine. When starting your course, initially aim to swirl the oil around in your mouth for 5 minutes. As you become more comfortable with oil pulling, work your way up to 20 minutes.

Depending on the temperature, the oil consistency can vary. In hotter climates the oil will remain liquid & in cooler climates, the cold oil will be firm. Your mouth temperature will quickly convert the hardened oil to liquid within seconds allowing you to swirl away.

Alternatively – hold the hardened sachet in the middle of your hands & gently rub together to heat & liquefy the oil before use.

What comes with my Cocoswirl order?

Each box of Cocoswirl contains 14 single use, disposable sachets. We advise using one each evening as part of your brush & floss routine for a minimum of 14 continuous days.

What does Cocoswirl taste like?

Our delicious Cocoswirl blends are available in Lemon, Peppermint & Cinnamon. Each mixed with just the perfect amount of natural flavouring so that the flavour is smooth & subtle everytime. As long time lovers of all things Cinnamon – we are a sucker for the Cinnamon formulation.

How often should I use Cocoswirl?

Everybody is so different! We recommend starting with a 14 day course to see if you like the results. If you like the product & its benefits then you can order more if you desire a stronger effect. Oil Pulling is so effective & provides countless benefits that we encourage you to make it apart of your permanent nightly brush & floss routine.

How much does Cocoswirl cost?

Our Cocoswirl starts at $29.99 for a 14 day oil pulling course & is also available in a 28 day course . All prices are shown across our Shop & Product pages.

Can I use Cocoswirl whilst I’m pregnant/ breastfeeding?

Our Cocoswirl sachets have been developed with the finest, 100% all natural coconut oil with a special blend of natural flavouring making oil pulling safe for pregnant/ breastfeeding women.

Need more info?

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions & we will respond within 48 hours.