Brazilian Body Tea
14 Day Standard Cleanse

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  • Our delicious Brazilian Body Tea is a fruity Detox & Cleanse blend consisting of a Day & Night formula made from a specially selected blend of antioxidant enriched Acai-Berry extracts & herbal leaves.

    Brazilian Body Tea has been formulated using only the finest ingredients to assist your bodies' natural cleanse & detoxification processes. The combination of ingredients work together to improve your digestive health & function by gently removing & cleansing the build up of potentially harmful toxins from within the digestive system to leave you feeling refreshed & energized.

    Our Brazilian Body Tea cleanse packs are available in 7, 14 or 28 Day options.

    • May Reduces Bloating
    • Antioxidant Boosting
    • Cleanses & Detoxifies
    • Assists in Healthy Weight Loss
    • Supports Digestive Health & Function
    • Ideal for Kickstarting a Healthy Lifestyle

    Suitable For:

    • Gluten Free
    • Cruelty Free
    • Paleo Friendly
    • Vegetarian | Vegan Friendly
  • Yerba Mate Leaves | Day Tea

    - Enhances ones ability to focus
    - Provides a rich source of antioxidants
    - Aids digestions & helps control weight

    Green Tea Leaves | Day Tea

    - Assists in increasing metabolism
    - Helps regulate blood glucose levels
    - Increased fat burning & improves physical performance

    Dried Lemon Pieces | Day & Night Tea

    - Rich source of Vitamin C
    - Helps alkalise by restoring body pH balance
    - Promotes gentle movement within the bowels

    Acai Berry Extract | Day & Night Tea

    - Improves cellular health & mental function
    - Assists in reducing irritation & inflammation within the body
    - High in Anthocyanins which lower cholesterol levels in the blood

    Mortherwort Leaves | Night Tea

    - Promotes healing of the anxious mind & heart
    - Common remedy for insomnia & sleep disorders

    Cascara Bark | Night Tea

    - Supports overall health of the digestive system
    - Stimulates & assists the function of the large intestine

  • Tea Cleanse Dosage: Consume 1 tea bag of Brazilian Body Tea morning & night for the prescribed Cleanse term (7, 14 or 28 Days)

    Morning Cleanse: Steep 1 ‘Day’ tea bag in hot (not boiling) water for 4-5 minutes or to desired strength & consume first thing before breakfast.

    Night Cleanse: Steep 1 ‘Night’ tea bag in hot (not boiling) water for 4-5 minutes or to desired strength & consume 30 minutes before bed.

  • Morning Cleanse: Yerba Mate Leaves (55%), Green Tea Leaves (15%), Acai Berry (15%), Dried Lemon Pieces (15%)

    *Antioxidant Enriched | Caffeinated Blend

    Night Cleanse: Motherwort Leaves (50%), Cascara Bark (20%), Acai Berry (15%), Dried Lemon Pieces (15%)

    *Antioxidant Enriched | Non-Caffeinated Blend

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