Coconut Oil Pulling... Make an Impression With Your Smile Naturally!

June 01, 2016

Coconut Oil Pulling... Make an Impression With Your Smile Naturally!

Time and time again, surveys have shown that a beautiful smile is the most attractive physical quality a person can have- it is your smile that creates a visual impact on the people you meet. It is the business card that you present to the world each & every single day.

I’m sure you’d agree that white teeth are synonymous with health & a beautiful smile- not only do they project & add spark to your personality but a bright, white & healthy smile assists with improving self confidence & enhancing physical beauty. From smiling at someone in the street, to standing in front of a group talking- a bright, white smile is a healthy smile that enhances day-to-day life.

Unfortunately, regular oral hygiene methods like brushing & flossing are necessary & a must do but they merely maintain dental health rather than boost it. Naturally over time teeth lose their natural whiteness & begin to become discolored & appear stained, blemished & or yellow. This can be due to multiple reasons such as poor diet, poor lifestyle choices, diminished health, an inconsistent oral hygiene regime but to name a few.

For many, the past decade has seen a proliferation in DIY chemical teeth whitening kits that use harmful & toxic bleaches to whiten teeth. The bleaches do a great job in whitening teeth but what most people don’t realize is that they erode the enamel (the protective layer) from the teeth, create inflammation & damage of the gums whilst creating teeth sensitivity problems for many. Up until recent years, these kits have been the only go to option for teeth whitening.

Enter the modern era & we now have a 100% natural, preservative & chemical free DIY teeth whitening system that not only whitens teeth naturally but also provide an array of oral health benefits by naturally detoxifying the mouth & gums at the same time.


Coconut Oil Pulling- this method of dental detox has been around for decades as its origins are tied in with the ancient practices of Ayurvedic Medicine. The technique involves simply swirling a teaspoon of formulated Coconut Oil around inside the mouth for a period between 5-20 minutes, the longer the better. During this time, the swirling action draws out toxins & bacteria from within the mouth & the Lauric Acid that is naturally occurring in the Coconut Oil gently whitens the teeth. After you’ve finished swirling, you simply spit out the solution to leave your mouth feeling squeaky clean.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil comes at a fraction of the price of chemical bleaching kits & is safe for use by everyone including teens, pregnant & breast feeding women. Practised daily, Oil Pulling will become the new addiction- fresher breath, whiter teeth & a healthier mouth naturally!

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